First Grade Math Games

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1st Grade Math Games

Using this app, children will learn to add and subtract, understand place value, measure and compare lengths, tell time to half hours, and understand shapes and their attributes.

Grade 1

The first grade math games in this category comprise of basic topics in mathematics which include 3D shape, subtraction and addition math, and telling time.

As a renowned brand with a reputation for helping kids create genuine interest in math, Zapzapmath offers fun games for students in the first grade to help them maximize their potentials. It also contains first grade learning games that enable kids to practice skills for addition and subtraction.Engaging in this activity will assist the kids in the first grade to differentiate between the values of ones and tens. It also increases their proficiency in the composition of shapes and ordering objects by length and telling time to half hours.

Games embedded in this are provided by Zapzapmath for the benefit of first graders. Knowledge of these games will provide the required foundation needed for the development of the children in first grade class. These games will make the subject of math to be more exciting to them and also develop their creative abilities.

Skills that can be learned

Place values

Understand place values up to tens

Addition and subtraction

Using counting as a strategy to add and subtract

Telling time

Tell time up to half hours


Compose shapes using preexisting shapes

Games Available In This Grade

Tap Tens

Addition Math Games : Tap Tens

Understanding place values up to tens

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Telling Time

Telling Time Game

Tell time to half hours

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Treasure Hunter

Subtraction Games : Treasure Hunter

Using counting as a strategy for adding and subtracting

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