3rd Grade Math Games

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3rd grade math games

Children can use this app to learn about multiplication and division, fractions, measurement problems, area and perimeter, and reason with shapes and their attributes.

Grade 3

These 3rd grade math games are designed to empower third grade students. Third grade math games offered by Zapzapmath contain the fundamentals of rounding numbers, quadrilateral shapes, and multiplication.

Third grade students can utilize this opportunity to learn more about different shapes, especially quadrilateral shapes, rounding numbers, and multiplication math education which will increase their skills in math theory.

The games are designed with a simple and concise approach which enables the students to learn the basics of the aforementioned topics with fun. Third grade students will find it to be an exciting adventure as it offers them the chance to explore their creativity and enjoy learning.

Skills that can be learned


Understanding the basics of multiplication

Rounding numbers

Knowing how to round numbers to the nearest ten


Categorizing shapes based on their attributes

Games Available In This Grade

Amber Collect X

Multiplication Math Games : Amber Collect X

Multiplication is the gem to a solid math education! Bring your multiplication skills to the table as you search for rare amber deposits in our multiplication math games.

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Time Machine

Rounding Numbers : Time Machine

Round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100

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Shape Inspector

Quadrilateral Shapes : Shape Inspector

Identify shapes by categories and attributes

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