About Zapzapmath

Our Company

Zapzapmath was co-founded by Hong Kong based Max Teh Kim Seng, who is also Chairman of Netrove Venture Capital. Max has 20+ years of experience building and investing in startups with multiple triple digit IRR exits track record. Max is the visionary behind the ecosystem with John Ng, a former Singapore math teacher, who heads the product and engineering of the company and the brain behind the product architecture and content.

Zapzapmath is now on a mission to steer the team to bring a new, gamified way to math excellence to kids all over the world.

Many educational methods have remained largely unchanged for generations, some of which have been proven to be ineffective for many young learners. Math in particular, is seen as one of the most challenging or ‘boring’ subjects for kids, but Zapzapmath aims to change the way kids think about math!


To help kids solve math problems through math skill games in the most engaging and fun digital learning ecosystem in the world.


To provide math tutoring app for kids in an affordable and fun learning ecosystem that promotes critical thinking.