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John Ng

zap Zap Math Founder

Adam Goh

zap Zap Math Founder

Kim Seng

zap Zap Math Founder

Henry Chui

Our Company

The idea for a game-based math learning platform was birthed in 2014 by a Singapore-based math teacher, John Ng, who at the time felt that there was a huge learning gap between education and technology and set out to resolve it.

He was eventually joined by Adam Goh, gaming, UI and UX specialist and executive chairman Teh Kim Seng to create Visual Math Interactive, a haven of fun learning, creation and innovation. From initially creating interactive videos, an online learning resource center as well as mathematical applications, they finally came up with ‘The World’s First Critical Thinking Mathematical Mobile Ecosystem’- and Zap Zap Math was born.

In April 2017, Zap Zap Math is led by CEO Henry Chui, on a mission to steer the team to bring a new, gamified way to math excellence to kids all over the world.

Many educational methods have remained largely unchanged for generations, some of which have been proven to be ineffective for many young learners. Math in particular, is seen as one of the most challenging or ‘boring’ subjects for kids, but the people at Zap Zap Math believe that should not be the case. Education should be fun, exciting and engaging for teachers, parents and children.

Visual Math Interactive is an EduTech platform currently seed-funded by Netrove Ventures Corporation which is led by Kim Seng, who has over 25 years of experience in the field of technology. We also work closely with a number of advisors including teachers, principals, and education consultants across seven countries to ensure our games and content stay updated, fun and effective.


To help kids improve and master math skills by building the most engaging and fun digital learning ecosystem in the world.


To provide education in an affordable and fun learning ecosystem that promotes critical thinking for all.

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Fraction Calculator

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Zap Zap Fractions

Get on board with Zap Zap Fractions, a fun and simple way to learn the basics of fractions! Learn as you play with step by step gamified lessons that let children interact and be immersed in education in an intuitive and engaging environment.

Zap Zap Fractions is like a live math worksheet disguised as a game. It lets you learn as you play.

Zap Zap Fraction Basics

Zap Zap Fraction Basics

Master the basics of Fractions with our free to play math app. Fraction Basics is a quick, smart and effective way to master the basics of fractions. Available only on iOS.

Fraction Basics was developed utilizing the core concepts of fractions in 12 computer-animated, visually interactive videos.

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