4th Grade Math Games

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4th grade math games

This app helps players understand the concept of factor pairs, number patterns, round numbers, equivalent fractions, decimals, angles, and classify shapes by their lines and angles.

Grade 4

Our 4th grade math games cover topics such as decimals, how to measure angles, and the relationships of place values. Most of the fourth grade students will find these games fascinating as these games help students have a thorough understanding of angle measurements, place values, and decimals via fun and interactive games.

If you are searching for material that is not only educational but also engaging, our games will work magic to help students embrace math topics. So go ahead and energize math learning with our math games below.

Skills that can be learned

Multiplication and division

Relate multiplication and division to place values


Calculate angles using a protractor


Compare decimals

Games Available In This Grade

Amazon Jones

Number Place Values : Amazon Jones

Understand relative value of place values

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Decimal Shootout

Decimal Games : Decimal Shootout

Compare decimals to hundredths

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