How To Measure Angles : Angle Align

How To Measure Angles: Angle Align

Angle Align

Houston, we have a problem! Do you know how to measure angles? All the satellites in the Zapzapmath ecosystem have gone awry! The satellites do not seem to be transmitting anything but empty static. This means nobody can access their favorite tv shows, pilots can no longer control their sense of direction, and all those mathlings traveling the ecosystem are lost without communication! The results are catastrophic, and a solution has to arrive quickly!

The team at the Zapzapmath ground control station has called you in to help find an answer to this problem. You process a rapid but efficient survey of the situation, and realize the issue that the ground control station is facing: there has been a recent disturbance in the signal of each satellite. Footage from old recordings shows the culprit being a forest bunny that was on its way over to the moon for some much-needed cheese. Since the distance between the forest and the moon was too far apart, it used its ingenuity to bounce irresponsibly over all the satellites to get to its destination. Needless to say, the bunny left a trail of messy destruction.

Even though the damage seems cataclysmic, the solution is easy if you approach it from the right angle. All you have to do is tune each satellite back to its original signal and all the transmissions will be restored to the ecosystem.

In order to tune each satellite back to the right signal, you need to find the unknown signal. Observe how to measure angles and study the equation provided on the control panel to estimate where the signal could be on the angle chart. The green numbers indicate point A, and the orange numbers indicate point B. Conduct a quick subtraction of the two angles given, and shift the satellite direction towards your answer. You can do this by tapping on the directions button on the control panel. Remember to follow the instructions carefully, as the directions could begin on either end of the angle chart.

Once you have angled the satellite towards the direction that you want, tap on the green button to submit. The right answer will result in transmission being restored to the entire collection of screens overhead. The wrong answer will result in the loud buzzing of dead static.

Angle Align is a game that shows you how to measure angles. An angle is the amount of turn between two straight lines that share a common endpoint, otherwise known as the vertex. By learning how to measure angles and measuring said angles based on simple subtraction formulas, you are practicing to not only recognise various degrees of an angle, but to also increase your subtraction skills.

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