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"A fantastic addition to your kindergarten math curriculum"

by Totschooling

"Zap Zap Kindergarten Math helps kids develop all the skills needed"

by The Preschool Toolbox

"It’s a growing app jammed with essential math concept"

by Teachers With Apps

"My son enjoyed the HIVE game, connecting equations together"

by The i Mums

"This app is intuitive and easy for non-readers to navigate"

by Tech Savvy Mama

"It’s an entertaining app that my kids have been begging to play lately"

by Math Geek Mama

Just over 120 schools love us, here are some!

Clearwater Bay School, Hong Kong
Berkeley Preparatory School, Florida
Havil International School, Malaysia
UCSI International School, Malaysia
Hammond Hill Elementary, South Carolina
Nexton Elementary School, South Carolina

Certified and recommended by educational apps globally!

ZZM Mathling

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Zapzapmath has been piloted in schools across the globe, with 9 out of 10 parents noting an improvement in their child’s math skills.

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