3d Shape Game : Shape Composer

3d Shape Game: Shape Composer

Shape Composer

Journey into Zapzapmath with this 3D shape game and shape it into an epic adventure!

It seems that you have arrived at a very special surprise birthday party. There are some very eager mathlings awaiting your entrance. Could it be that they discovered what a math whiz you are? Is this a celebration for you? Are YOU the surprise guest? Most importantly, is there a deliciously tall, beautifully stacked, cylinder shaped cake at this well-rounded party?

No, it looks like the mathlings have you confused for an entertainer! They are expecting a grand performance, and they are expecting it now! You could tell them the truth, and hopefully there will still be a slice of cake saved for you. However, being the true hero and natural performer that you are, you are determined to compose yourself and throw a party that will not disappoint!

So how will you be entertaining the party guests? Why, through shape composing, of course! Mathlings love a good shape composer! With shapes and colors everywhere, it will be a cinch to win this party over!

To begin this 3D shape game, look at the holographic diagram shown on screen. Study the outlines of the shapes in the diagram, and try to recognize each shape. Next, match the shape choices at the bottom of the screen with the outlines. To place the shapes in order, drag the chosen shape up into the diagram. Continue this step until you have completed the entire diagram.

To submit your completed shape, tap the green button. A loud cheer and a burst of smiles will surround the room with every right answer! But do not let the sad faces of a wrong submission dampen your spirit. Keep your math skills in shape by having consistent practice, even when you get all the answers right in this!

In this 3D shape game, you will be creating new shapes. By using a variety of concrete materials and colors, you will be able to correspond composite shapes with diagram outlines.

Shapes are an integral part of the learning process. We interact with shapes on a daily basis. Shapes make up everything that we see and use, from the frying pan that makes your pancakes, to the bus that you travel to school in. Learning to identify and understand geometric shapes will allow you to correlate the shapes that you study with day-to-day sights and activities.

Shape Composer is an engaging 3D shape game that will allow you to process shapes and decipher them into everyday environment. As you study each geometric concept, you will build a stronger understanding of 3D shapes that is vital for learning more complex geometry concepts in the near future.

With that said, it is time to show these mathlings that you are not a square!

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This game is shaping up to be a party!

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