Telling Time Game

Telling Time Game

Telling Time

Something is amiss in the Zapzapmath telling time game. Morning has turned to night, night has turned to morning, and any mathlings in sight are lost in time without warning!

It seems that there is great trouble in the bell and clock tower. Its cogs are no longer running, and its face is nowhere to be seen! Nobody knows what time it is. Whatever will the mathlings do? How will they know when to eat, play, or sleep? Who will come and save the day… or is it night? Where has time gone?

The master conductor rings the alarm for someone to come and save time!

This is where you, brave mathling, enter! The master time conductor needs your assistance on this very important mission. He requests for a little of your time to find the right solution and fix this troubling situation. It is up to you to restore order back to the Zapzapmath universe!

The answer to fixing the bell and clock tower seems simple enough: find the analog clock face to match the digital time that the conductor provides you with. Alas, the process itself may not be as easy! Things do not run as smoothly as planned. It turns out that the bell and clock tower is not just missing a face; all the clock faces have lost control and will not stop rotating!

However, you should not fret! The master time conductor believes you have the right tools to help him repair time. With concentration and a keen attention to detail, you will be able to find the right face for the clock tower. In order to do so, you must focus on what the master time conductor is telling you, and you must study the clock faces carefully as they rotate. Only one will have the right time indicated to match.

Once you believe you know which one is the perfect match, drag and drop the chosen face onto the bell and clock tower. If the bell and clock tower rings a happy tune, you are correct! If it does not ring, do not give up. Instead, just keep trying until the bell rings right!

This telling time game stimulates acute hand eye coordination while revising general time-telling skills. It teaches players to analyze analog clocks by relating them to digital time. The rotating clock faces bring an extra challenge to the stages of this telling time game and will allow players to establish attentiveness and awareness abilities. One of the key tips to advancing in this game stage is finding a pattern in the system that will allow you to swiftly and efficiently identify the answer. By determining a pattern in solving this problem, it promotes a strong progression in creative thinking and development.

So what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking, time is running, and it’s your TIME to SHINE!

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