Addition Math Games : Tap Tens

Addition Math Games: Tap Tens

Tap Tens

How many ones are in a ten? Tap Tens, one of our addition math games, brings together the adventure of exploring addition with the fun of popping bouncy groups of alien cells!

Your duty as a mathling-in-training begins with a lesson in addition. There are some very happy cells waiting to be studied, and they need your help! In order to add themselves up into answers of whole values, they need to know how many ones are required to make a ten.

To play this game and assist the cells in understanding exactly how many ones they are made out of, you are required to bring your best tapping skills onto the screen!

Start each level by examining the question shown on the control panel. It can be tricky, but patience is key. Once you are ready and have your answer in mind, tap and hold on the cells to break them down into ones. Green indicates amounts of tens, and blue indicates amounts of ones.

But that is just the beginning of the fun! Now that you have mastered the art of popping the numbers, it is time to get calculating!

To insert your answer into the control panel, tap each molecule of ones or tens to add them up until you get the amount that you need. The amount of tens and ones that you pop are shown in the bars on the control panel. If you are happy with the answer that you have, and you are ready to move forward to the next question, tap on the green check mark to reveal the results.

If you make a mistake, do not worry! To try again, tap on the redo button right next to the check mark. You can do this as many times as needed, so just keep trying until you get the right results!

With Tap Tens, you will be counting to and from ten and beyond, making connections between number names, written numerals, and quantities up to ten. It allows you to improve your math skills with the comprehension of how numbers work together to form bigger values. Most importantly, you learn to determine how many tens and ones are in different two-digit numbers.

The goal of Zapzapmath is to allow students who play addition math games to practice their understanding of place values by exploring numerical values in both objects as well as numbers. Students will learn to inquire in different forms of concepts while adapting to the addition and subtraction of components. This promotes a better range of critical thinking, while maintaining strong and enjoyable math practice that will translate into daily life.

Are you ready to pop those cells and gather some ones? Let’s get started, and have tens of fun with Zapzapmath addition math games!

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Tap those tens and score in addition!

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