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  • What is Zapzapmath?

    Zapzapmath is a game-based learning ecosystem which seeks to engage K-6 kids in learning math via a collection of space-themed math games.

  • Is Zapzapmath aligned to a particular math curriculum?

    Yes, Zapzapmath is aligned to over 180 math subtopics in accordance to international math standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

  • How can Zapzapmath help me and my class?

    Zapzapmath can be used as a boost to your math lessons, presenting math content in a gamified medium to your students. Each Zapzapmath game is aligned to a specific math skill, so your students cover math topics and have fun at the same time!

    While your students enjoy the games, you get access to the web dashboard which displays their progress as they play, as well as the skills they've covered. This information can give you insight to their learning process which you can then use to offer the necessary guidance.

  • How can I get Zapzapmath?

    Zapzapmath can be downloaded for free for iOS (8.0 and above) and Android devices (Android 4.1 and above) as well as on Chromebooks and web browsers. Download Zapzapmath on :

    App Store: Zapzapmath: K-6 Math Games

    Google Play: Zapzapmath: K-6 Math Games

  • How do I get a teacher account?

    You can sign up as a teacher on the web.

    1. Visit zapzapmath.com
    2. Select the ‘Sign In’ button at the top of the page, and select ‘Sign up’, or scroll down from the main page to the ‘Sign Up’ button.
    3. Select ‘Teacher’ as your user type, and enter your full name, email, and password, then select ‘Create an account’.
    4. Choose the country you’re from from the list, and then select ‘Let’s get started’.
    5. Enter your school name so you can be connected to other teachers in your school that are also using Zapzapmath, then select ‘Set your school’.
    6. Lastly, you can then create your own class on the dashboard by selecting ‘Create Classroom’.
  • What is the web dashboard?

    When you sign up as a teacher, you gain access to the web dashboard. Here, you can organize your kids into different classes and view each kid’s progress remotely as they play Zapzapmath.

  • I've already created my teacher account. How do I create a class and add students?
    1. Sign in to your teacher account on the Zapzamath website.
    2. Select ‘Create Classroom’ if you don’t have any classes yet, or select the plus sign to add more classes.
    3. Name your class and select a grade for that class, then select ‘Create Class’.
    4. To add more students in your class, select ‘Add Students’.
    5. Fill in the first name and the last name initial of the student, then select ‘Add’.
    6. A player profile will be created for that student, along with a username and password that they need to use to play Zapzapmath in order for their player results to show up on your dashboard.
  • My web dashboard tells me that there is insufficient data for the weekly progress section. What's going on?

    Sure! Simply provide the student with the class code found about the View Class button in the home page of the web dashboard. When the student signs in as a player on the app, they need to tap on More Features, select Join A Class and put in the class code.

  • My student already plays Zapzapmath at home. Can this student play at school too?

    Sure! Simply provide the student with the class code found about the View Class button in the home page of the web dashboard. When the student signs in as a player on the app, they need to tap on More Features, select Join A Class and put in the class code.

  • How many students can I have in a class?

    You can add up to 50 students in a class.

  • How can my students get more coins?

    Players earn coins by playing the games. The higher the level of difficulty, the more coins players earn at the end of the game. Speed and accuracy bonuses apply to the coins as well; the faster players finish a level, and the more accurate players are, the more coins players will earn. There is also a daily bonus that gives a huge boost in coins earned for the first game that players complete.

  • Can I play Zapzapmath offline?

    No, you'll need an internet connection to play Zapzapmath as your device needs to connect to our servers to record your players' progress and also to link their progress to your teacher account on the web dashboard.

  • My class uses Chromebooks. Can Zapzapmath be played online?

    Yes, it can! Play online now at play.zapzapmath.com

  • How does Zapzapmath keep my students motivated to play?

    Every time your students play, they earn coins which can then be used to redeem decorations for their personal spaceship. The coins can also be used to personalize their character in multiplayer mode.

  • I've already created usernames and passwords for my class. How can my students use this information to login and play?

    When your students launch the Zapzapmath app, they need to select Existing Player and fill in their usernames and passwords at the player login. Once they start playing, you will be able to view their progress from the web dashboard.

  • How can I get a summary of my class' login information?

    After you've finished creating usernames and passwords for all your students, click on the View Login Info button. This will generate a PDF file containing all of your students' usernames and passwords.

  • How do I log in to my teacher account?

    Visit zapzapmath.com and select Sign in in the top right corner. Enter your email address and password to sign in.

  • I received a promo code to use Zapzapmath for my class. What does the code do?

    When you apply this code to one of your classes, all the students in said class will be able to play all the games in their grade for a year at no charge. Here’s how you can redeem premium access to Zapzapmath for your students using the voucher code you received.

    1. Sign in to your teacher account on the Zapzapmath website.
    2. Before you begin the redemption process, please ensure that you have selected the right class for receiving premium access.
    3. Select ‘Redeem Voucher’.
    4. Tndicate that you agree to the terms and conditions.
    5. Key in your code.
    6. Select ‘Start Pilot’.
    7. The code won’t work unless you have at least 10 students in your class.
    8. If you don’t already have 10 students, please add more profiles to your class until you have at least 10 before redeeming your voucher.
    9. When you have successfully redeemed your voucher, you will see a notification saying ‘Class upgraded’.
  • I've been using Zapzapmath before the app upgrade. My students don't have usernames and passwords yet.

    You need to update your students' player profiles so they can play the updated version of Zapzapmath.

    1. Sign in to your teacher account.
    2. Select a class.
    3. Click on More.
    4. Fill in your student's first name and last name (initial) and click Save.
  • What are grade keys and how can I get them?

    Keys allow a player to access games in a grade different from the one they were originally assigned. Here’s how to purchase them.

    1. From your teacher account, choose the class which the student or students you wish to purchase keys for are in by selecting ‘View class’.
    2. Select ‘Students’ from the sidebar.
    3. The number under ‘Grade Key’ shows you how many keys you currently own. Select the plus sign to purchase more.
    4. After you have selected your desired number of keys, select ‘Proceed to checkout’.
    5. You will then be brought to the PayPal page, where you will be given a choice to pay using your PayPal account or using a credit or debit card without logging in to PayPal.
    6. Once you have purchased keys, you can then assign keys to your students.
    7. Select ‘More’ at the student you wish to assign a key to.
    8. The ‘Assign key’ button is now available. Select the ‘Assign key’ button, and pick a grade that you want to allow the student to play in. Select ‘Assign Key’ to lock down your choice. Keep in mind that the grade chosen should be different from the grade the player is already in.
    9. You can assign more than one key to each student, and it is possible for you to change this by selecting ‘More’ on the student’s profile.
  • I want my student to play Zapzapmath in a different grade from his or her classmates. How can I do this?

    You can enable your student to play in a different grade by assigning a key to their player profile.

    1. Sign in to your teacher account.
    2. Select a class.
    3. Select the student that you'd like to assign a key to.
    4. Click on More.
    5. Select Assign Key
  • Can I edit my students' usernames and passwords?
    1. To change your students’ Zapzapmath login details as a teacher, login to your teacher account on the Zapzapmath website.
    2. Next, choose the class with the students whose login details you want to change, and select ‘Students’ at the sidebar.
    3. Select ‘More’ at the student profile you wish to edit, and pick ‘Edit profile’.
    4. After you have made the changes you want to the username and/or password, select ‘Save’.
    5. Be sure to let your students know that their login information has been changed.
  • What are the minimum operating system requirements for the mobile version of Zapzapmath?

    Minimum OS requirements (mobile): iOS 8.0 and above Android 4.1 and above

  • What are the system requirements for the web version of Zapzapmath?

    Minimum browser requirements: Chrome 62.0.3202.75 Firefox 56.0.2 Safari 11.0

    Minimum OS requirements: Windows (10.0.16299.19) Mac OS 10.13.1

  • Is there a bulk profile uploader that I can use instead of having to add my students in one by one?

    Yes, there is a bulk profile uploader! Here's how you can use it:

    1. Sign in to your teacher account on the Zapzapmath website.
    2. Create a new class, or select an existing class which you wish to add students to.
    3. Select ‘Students’ in the sidebar.
    4. Click on ‘Add Students’.
    5. In the ‘Add Profile’ window, select the bulk profile uploader.
    6. Select the age of your students from the dropdown list and select ‘Download template’ to download the template which is a spreadsheet file which you can open using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
    7. Fill in the template with your students’ first names and last name initials.
    8. Leave the username and password sections blank if you want them to be automatically generated by Zapzapmath.
    9. Once you have finished filling in your students’ details, you can then proceed by selecting ‘Attach file’ and selecting the template you have filled in for uploading.
    10. After you have attached the template, you can then select the ‘Create Profiles’ button, which will generate the student profiles based on the details you have provided in the template, along with a list of usernames and passwords for the students to use to login on Zapzapmath.
    11. You can select ‘Download Login Info’ above the ‘Add Students’ button to download the login details of your whole class as a PDF file.