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  • What is Zapzapmath?

    Zapzapmath is a game-based learning ecosystem which seeks to engage kids in learning mathematics via a series of fun-filled games.

  • How does it work?

    Zapzapmath presents mathematical concepts through visually compelling games. Kids can move through the different levels at their own pace and progress, and parents and teachers can monitor their progress remotely and use that information to guide them accordingly.

  • Who can play Zapzapmath?

    Zapzapmath is suitable for kids from Kindergarten to 6th grade.

  • What is Zapzapmath Premium?

    Zapzapmath Premium is a subscription-based version of Zapzapmath. When you upgrade your free version of Zapzapmath to premium, you gain access to all games that are exclusive to this version and a dashboard that shows your kids’ progress in greater detail; such as the amount of time they’ve spent on a particular difficulty level or topic. You may then use this information to inform your level of guidance for your class in the future.

  • What is the Zapzapmath reward system?

    The reward system is a motivational tool for encouraging players to progress through the games in order to earn coins that they can then use to buy things in-game to decorate their own spaceship, thereby driving their unconscious learning.

  • How can my kids get more coins?

    Players earn coins by playing the games. The higher the level of difficulty, the more coins players earn at the end of the game. Speed and accuracy bonuses apply to the coins as well; the faster players finish a level, and the more accurate players are, the more coins players will earn. This trains players’ speed and accuracy in answering questions. There is also a daily bonus that gives a huge boost in coins earned for the first game that players complete.

  • How can Zapzapmath help us grow?

    Teachers and parents everywhere are using Zapzapmath as a new way of getting kids interested and engaged in math. Zapzapmath acts as a gamified assistant for your teachers which helps to maximize downtime in their classes and as a fun learning companion for your students.

  • How can we get Zapzapmath for our school?

    We understand that each school has different circumstances and requirements. Please get in touch with us at We are always ready to tailor-make school packages according to your school’s individual needs.

  • We need some help. How can we get in touch?

    If you need any further information, write to us at

  • What are the system requirements for the PC version of Zapzapmath?

    Here are the minimum system requirements for Zapzapmath:

  • I’m interested in the PC version of Zapzapmath. How can I get it?

    You can download the PC version from the slider on the homepage of this website, or from the “Available on PC’ icon on the sidebar of your account once you’ve signed in.