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  • What is Zapzapmath?

    Zapzapmath is a game-based learning ecosystem which seeks to engage K-6 kids in learning math via a collection of space-themed math games.

  • How does it work?

    Zapzapmath introduces mathematical concepts through a collection of space-themed math games. It presents these math concepts in a visual form that can be more easily grasped by kids. Kids can move through the different levels at their own pace, and parents and teachers can monitor their progress remotely and use that information to guide them accordingly.

  • Who can play Zapzapmath?

    Zapzapmath is suitable for kids from kindergarten to 6th grade.

  • How can I get Zapzapmath?

    Zapzapmath can be downloaded for free for iOS (8.0 and above) and Android devices (Android 4.1 and above) as well as on Chromebooks and web browsers. Download Zapzapmath on :

    App Store: Zapzapmath: K-6 Math Games

    Google Play: Zapzapmath: K-6 Math Games

  • Can I play Zapzapmath offline?

    No, you'll need an internet connection to play Zapzapmath as your device needs to connect to our servers to record your player's progress and also to link their progress to your parent account on the web dashboard.

  • Is Zapzapmath aligned to a particular math curriculum?

    Yes, Zapzapmath is aligned to over 180 math subtopics in accordance to international math standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

  • How can my kids and I benefit from Zapzapmath?

    Your kids get to learn math in a fun, engaging, worksheet-free way! You can rest assured that your kids are covering math topics as they play, at their own pace and in accordance to international math standards.

    Sign up for a Zapzapmath parent account and view your kids' progress in Zapzapmath via the web dashboard.

  • How can my kid get a Zapzapmath player profile?

    You can create a player profile for your kid on the app or on the web.

    On the app

    1. Launch the Zapzapmath app or go to play.zapzapmath.com
    2. Choose your preferred language
    3. Tap or click on 'Start'.
    4. Choose ‘Sign up now!’ at the bottom of the login box to create a new profile.
    5. Select ‘I’m a Home Player!’ and enter in your email address, then tap ‘Next’.
    6. Fill in your kid's first name, and the initial of your kid's last name.
    7. Tap ‘Next’ and fill in your kid's age and school grade level.
    8. Tap ‘Next’ again, select your country, and tap ‘Submit’.
    9. You’ll get a notice that says ‘Player Profile Created!’ Now you have a username and password for your kid.
    10. You can edit your kid's username and password by tapping on the ‘Edit’ button.
    11. Once you’re ready, tap ‘Done’, and tap ‘OK’ to continue.
    12. You should write down your kid's username and password if you want them to log in to Zapzapmath on another device.
    13. Tap the play button to continue.
    14. Pick an avatar to represent your kid in the game, and tap ‘Next’.
    15. Tap ‘Yes’ to confirm your kid's avatar choice, and your kid is now ready to play Zapzapmath!

    On the web

    1. Log in to your parent account. Visit zapzapmath.com and select Sign In at the top right corner.
    2. On the My Kids page, click on the plus symbol to add a player profile to your account.
    3. Fill in your kid's details and grade.
  • What is the web dashboard?

    When you sign up as for a parent account, you gain access to the web dashboard. Here, you can view your kid’s progress remotely as they play Zapzapmath. The web dashboard is accessible from the “Sign In” tab on the Zapzapmath website. The web dashboard records your kid’s mastery over a particular topic or subtopic, as well as their progress in the games under each subtopic. It also records the questions your kids have attempted, as well as the answers given, so that any areas where they need more guidance may be identified and addressed.

  • Can I use Zapzapmath in another language?

    Yes, you can. Zapzapmath is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Malay and Spanish. Launch the Zapzapmath app and tap on the language icon in the top left corner of the splash screen to change the language.

  • How can I sign in to my parent account?

    Visit zapzapmath.com and select Sign in in the top right corner. Enter your email address and password to sign in.

  • My kid already plays Zapzapmath at home. Can their player profile be linked to their class if they also play at school?

    Yes. Your kid needs to get the class code of the teacher's class. Log in to the Zapzapmath app as a player, select More Features, then Join A Class and enter the class code.

    The teacher will then be able to track your kid's progress in Zapzapmath.

  • What is the Zapzapmath premium subscription?

    The Zapzapmath premium subscription gives a player complete access to all the games in their grade for 9.99 USD a year.

    Each subscription allows one player to play all the games in their grade for a year.

  • How can my player access the spaceship?

    On the Zapzapmath app, log in as a player. Select More Features and select Your Spaceship.

  • How can my kids get more coins?

    Players earn coins by playing the games. The higher the level of difficulty, the more coins players earn at the end of the game. Speed and accuracy bonuses apply to the coins as well; the faster players finish a level, and the more accurate players are, the more coins players will earn. There is also a daily bonus that gives a huge boost in coins earned for the first game that players complete.

  • How to play Zapzapmath?
    1. The tutorial will play once automatically each time you start a game.
    2. If you wish to watch the tutorial again, select the icon below the pause button.
    3. To close the tutorial, select the ‘X’ icon at the top right corner of the tutorial viewer.
  • I've got some feedback about my experience. Can I share it with you?

    Yes, please! Contact us at the following email address: hello@zapzapmath.com

  • How do I get a Zapzapmath parent account?

    You can sign up as a parent on the app or on the web.

    On the app

    1. Select the ‘Parent Portal’ button at the top left corner of the Zapzapmath Start page.
    2. Select ‘Sign Up’ at the bottom of the page.
    3. Enter your name, and select the country you’re from, then select ‘Next’.
    4. Enter your email address, create your password, and type in your password again to confirm your password, then select ‘Next’.
    5. You have now created a parent account!

    On the web

    1. Visit zapzapmath.com
    2. Click on Sign Up
    3. Select your role as a Parent, fill in your details and click Create an Account.
  • I've already created my parent account. Can I log in to my account using Facebook?

    Yes, you may. Please note that this login option is only available on the web. Follow the steps below:

    1. Visit zapzapmath.com
    2. Click on Sign In
    3. Select Login with Facebook
  • How does the web dashboard work?

    The web dashboard shows you your kids' progress daily and also over a 7-day period. You can see the games they've played and the skills they've covered.

  • How can I get the Zapzapmath premium subscription?

    You can subscribe in the Zapzapmath app or via your respective app store. If you're using Zapzapmath on the web, you can purchase the premium subscription through PayPal.

  • I've already subscribed to Zapzapmath but my player profile does not have premium access. How can I gain access?

    Your player profile might be anonymous. That means that it is not linked to any parent account. You need to link the player profile to your parent account, and then link it to the subscription to play with premium access.

    Claim your anonymous profile: https://youtu.be/K3WPh1WGsz4 Link your profile to your subscription: https://youtu.be/PmUG_1mGSBI

  • Can I play Zapzapmath on the web?

    Yes, you can! Play online at play.zapzapmath.com

  • What are the minimum operating system requirements for the mobile version of Zapzapmath?

    Minimum OS requirements (mobile): iOS 8.0 and above Android 4.1 and above

  • What are the system requirements for the web version of Zapzapmath?

    Minimum browser requirements: Chrome 62.0.3202.75 Firefox 56.0.2 Safari 11.0

    Minimum OS requirements: Windows (10.0.16299.19) Mac OS 10.13.1

  • Help! My kid has forgotten their username and password.
    1. At the Zapzapmath start screen, login to your parent account by first tapping on the ‘Parent Portal’ button.
    2. Next, login to your Parent Page using your email and password.
    3. You will then see the list of players associated with your email, as well as their login details.
    4. Parents can select one of the player profiles and press ‘Play’ to start Zapzapmath with that player profile.
  • How does Zapzapmath keep my kids motivated to play?

    Every time your kids play, they earn coins which can then be used to redeem decorations for their personal spaceship. The coins can also be used to personalize their character in multiplayer mode.

  • I received a code for Zapzapmath. What does this code do and how do I redeem it?
    1. This code gives your child access to all the premium games in their grade on Zapzapmath. Here are the following steps to redeem your parent voucher code.
    2. First, login to your parent account on the Zapzapmath website.
    3. Next, choose the player whom you wish to give premium access by selecting ‘View Progress’ at their profile.
    4. Select the ‘Redeem Voucher’ button at the top.
    5. Lastly, enter your code and select ‘Redeem’.
    6. The player you chose can now play the full range of games in their grade on Zapzapmath.
  • Can I edit my child's usernames and passwords?
    1. To change your child’s Zapzapmath login details as a parent, login to your parent account on the Zapzapmath website.
    2. Next, select the gear icon at the top right corner of the player profile you wish to edit.
    3. After you have made the changes you want to the username and/or password, select ‘Save’.
    4. Be sure to let your child know that their login information has been changed.