Practice Math Skills with Fun Zap Zap Games

iGame Mom

Mar 11, 2016

Kids all learn in different styles. They should. However, this poses the challenge of teaching. Many times kids don’t get certain concept, it is not because they are stupid, it is because it is not ta...

Improve your kids’ math with Zapzapmath


Mar 11, 2016

Zapzapmath brings the highest quality of games that are fun and easy to get into, while keeping a careful eye on high education standards. This stunning app brings you multiple math games that can enh...

Zapzapmath – Games for Kids Review

The iPhone Mom

Feb 26, 2016

3….2….1 and the countdown begins to an amazing galactic math adventure with Zapzapmath! If you are a parent or teacher looking for a way to get your kids excited about learning math, then this is the...

Making Math Fun with the #ZapZapMath App

Organic Parenthood Blog

Feb 24, 2016

Math can get stressful for kids. Adults, too! Numbers, numbers, numbers. Always doing different things. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing…. it’s no wonder kids get overwhelmed. Math is very...

Cross-platform Game of the Day - Zapzapmath


Feb 19, 2016

Zapzapmath is one of the best rated set of math mini games for kids that you can get for free on both Google Play and App Store. Zapzapmath is created by one of the best rated developer studios “Visua...