Zapzapmath – Video games for Youngsters Evaluation

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Mar 31, 2016

Zapzapmath is an academic recreation developed by Visible Math Interactive. The gamed is aimed toward youngsters and divided in several fields of math like including, fractions and even studying a clo...

Zapzapmath App Review

Three Different Directions

Mar 22, 2016

I’ve never been a limit screen time mom. Our daughter loved playing games on her handheld consoles, computer and then eventually her own phone. She is now majoring in video game design so I don’t th...

The Only Way He Loves Math Is With The Zapzapmath App!

Mama to 5 Blessings

Mar 22, 2016

I recently installed a math app on his tablet called Zapzapmath. He is hooked! For someone that cannot stand to do math I have caught him quite a bit playing! This fun app delivers a set of free, hig...

Zapzapmath Games make it fun to learn! #appsforkids

Saving Common Cents

Mar 15, 2016

Math is where I struggle. I can spell ginormous words, good grammar and punctuation are a cinch…but, when it comes to numbers, I’m, well, at a loss for words. I’ve never been confident with numbers an...

Zapzapmath App Review

Happily Blended

Mar 15, 2016

Created for ages 4-12, Zapzapmath features 23 games with new games added every two weeks that are addictive, fun and free. As your child hones in on each math skill the game level will advance based o...