Identify Geometric Shapes : Sushi Star

Identify Geometric Shapes: Sushi Star

Sushi Star

If you like to identify geometric shapes, the best place to visit for sushi in the Zapzapmath is the Flying Sushi café. Run by Chef Wasabi, this quaint café has an abundance of delicious sushi. The mathlings’ favorite is definitely Chef Wasabi’s famous onigiri, a triangle-shaped rice ball.

Today, Chef Wasabi is hosting a luncheon for one of his loyal customers. He is expecting many guests to arrive very soon, and he needs your help to prepare and serve their meals!

There are sushi in the shape of squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles on the menu today. Your job is to identify geometric shapes and sort the sushi shapes out based on the orders that the chef provides you. For instance, if the instruction given is to collect all triangles, you find all the triangles in the pile and place them into the box on the conveyor belt.

Once you have collected all the triangles, click on the green button to submit your order. If your answer is correct, the chef will ring it through to the customer. If your answer is wrong, the chef will ask you to redo the order. Either way, the Chef is happy that you are here as his special assistant!

In this unit of inquiry, you will be identifying and sorting a range of basic geometric forms and shapes. Shapes are an integral part of the learning process. Sushi Shape is an engaging game that will allow you to recognize shapes by patterns. We interact with shapes on a daily basis, therefore shape recognition is a fundamental skill required in the early math development. Consistent training stimulates natural shape awareness and deciphers them into everyday environment.

As you identify geometric shapes in play, you will build a stronger understanding of their attributes. This is vital for learning more complex geometry concepts in the near future. Learning to identify and understand these geometric shapes will allow you to correlate the shapes that you study with day-to-day sights and activities.

So grab your apron and start identifying geometric shapes; Chef Wasabi is counting on you to serve a round of the best sushi in town!

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Sushi are just yummy shapes in disguise!

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