Contributors Page

The following people have and continue to contribute their time & expertise to help make Zapzapmath the best math platform in the world

Henri Holm


Fun Learning and Content Advisor

Zapzapmath is of the highest quality educational & game content

David W. Fingerote


International Educational Consultant

Zapzapmath is an application that will grow as your child grows.

Teoh Poh Yew


Higher-Order Thinking Specialist

Zapzapmath develops higher-order thinking skills (HOTS).

Alexandre Trespach Nenes


Principal, International School

Zapzapmath is fun and fills the need for better mental skills. Great opportunity to contribute to a significant movement in gamification in education

Aditya Liviandi


Junior College Mathematics Teacher

Zapzapmath Rocks!

Iulius A. Carebia


Engineer, Math and Science teacher

Zapzapmath is your chance to become a Mentalist!

Mark Grunden


Father of 3, Founder of

It's a fantastic tool (and game!) that allows busy dads to be involved in our kids' learning development

Christine Zacchilli M.Ed


First Grade Teacher, Brookside Elementary School, MA

Zapzapmath adds fun to our busy learning in first grade. I love that as a teacher, I have access to current student tracking!