Team Building

Math Content Curator a.k.a. Intergalactic Resource Miner

Math Content Curator a.k.a. Intergalactic Resource Miner

There is an abundance of raw Math Matter in the Universe just waiting to be extracted. The Zap Zap team needs an inspired individual to distill this Math Matter into quality Math Content. This important role requires the following:


Develop and organize mathamatics content from primary 1 to 6


  • Will work together with the design team to understand requirements
  • Use presentation software such as Keynote or Powerpoint to create visual content and solutions
  • Will use Text-to-Speech software to create voice overs
  • Will organize the content into appropriate syllabus
  • Will organize languages that will be used for localization


  • Must be able to verbally communicate with other humans, as well as common math-forms
  • Good written communication skills, in English, are necessary. Additional extraterrestrial dialects are a bonus!
  • Experience in tutoring human kidlings for primary school mathematics
  • Some experience in using Powerpoint or Keynote is a plus


It would be beneficial to have a Diploma or Degree in Education. Experience in Math, Science or related fields is a plus.

To apply for this position, please email