Team Building

​Marketing Director​ a.k.a. Exploration Overseer

​Marketing Director​ a.k.a. Exploration Overseer

There are many others in the universe that we would like to get in contact with and share the wonders of mathematics. The Zapzapmath team needs someone who can help to manage outreach expeditions to other civilizations that would benefit greatly from mathematics.


Build and motivate your own marketing team to advance on the international market for Zapzapmath


  • Lead your team to explore all available options for marketing
  • Surface, synthesise, and apply market insight and data
  • Attract customers and build relationships by creating experiences
  • Motivate customer engagement by applying the right methodologies
  • Work with colleagues in other departments to maximise your potential


  • Strategic and visionary planning
  • Seeding and scaling innovation
  • Analytical, technical, logical and creative abilities
  • Collaborative - motivation and networking
  • Empathy and relationship marketing


Experience in digital marketing, able to design and execute a marketing plan, able to lead a team and work with an external team.

To apply for this position, please email