Team Building

Game Dev Intern a.k.a Terraforming Cadet

Game Dev Intern a.k.a Terraforming Cadet

Planet building is a core function of our mission. The Zap Zap Galaxy is a vast one, but it is nothing without systems, planets and other cellestial bodies. That's why we need passionate creators to design and code life into each floating rock in our galaxy.


Assist in building mini-games that will eventually develop into cross-platform applications


  • Learn to implement the platform architecture
  • Adapt User Interface Designs to actual game interfaces using Unity SDK
  • Utilize mobile analytics SDK and User Interface
  • Integrate with Amazon Web Services such as Elastic Beanstalk, Cogntino, S3, SES & Cloudfront


  • Must be able to verbally communicate with other humans, as well as neighboring species
  • Some web programming skills will be handy
  • Fundamentals in Software Development
  • Can debug own code


Pursuing a Degree in Game Design, Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent


C#, Unity 3D

To apply for this position, please email