Zap Zap Math is currently looking for brand ambassadors who would share and help us spread our passion for math!

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Who can become an ambassador?

You are:

  • A parent or teacher;
  • Passionate about innovative approaches to education;
  • Have a channel for sharing your thoughts with your audience (blog, social media page, website or a YouTube channel)
  • Already have or are willing to download the app and set up a Zap Zap Math account:

Over 100 000 teachers and parents have already downloaded Zap Zap Math

What is the role of an ambassador?

  • Be the voice and representative of Zap Zap Math in your online & offline community
  • Earn cash referring kids, teachers and other parents to start using Zap Zap Math
  • Participate in Zap Zap Math marketing campaigns
  • Identify and create partnership opportunities on the ground with schools and educational organisations
  • Play some math games and provide feedback to our marketing and product development team!

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

  • Your compensation is 100% performance-based
  • Get Zap Zap Math brand ambassador badge to place on your website
  • Get featured on our ambassadors page (see below)
  • Promote your brand: post one guest post a quarter on Zap Zap Blog
  • Access Zap Zap Ambassadors mastermind: connect and learn from an online community of other teachers and parents. Mastermind members:
    • have first hand access to new app features and games
    • are featured in marketing and press

Meet Zap Zap Math ambassadors


3rd Grader

This summer, we’re going on a lot of long road trips. I’ll be playing a lot of Zap Zap Math. It’s fun.

Christine Zacchilli M.Ed

First Grade Teacher, Brookside Elementary School, MA

Zap Zap adds fun to our busy learning in first grade. I love that as a teacher, I have access to current student tracking!

Aditya Liviandi

Junior College Mathematics Teacher

Zap Zap Math Rocks!

Try out the app, if you share our passion for math